Red Cell Horse Supplements

Red Cell Horse Supplements

Red Cell Horse Supplements are a range of products, available from a range of retailers, that offer liquids in a similar formula, helping to boost the overall health and performance of your horse. It can be ordered in different types, but it is usually given as a liquid. Red Cell horse supplements have been created to supplement regular feeding and boost nutrient intake, which may not be fully possible from a horse’s regular feed. The supplements usually come in a palatable yucca flavour which makes them enjoyable for your horse too.

Red Cell Horse Supplements Product Details

Red Cell horse supplements add nutrients to your horse’s diet to help maintain normal health of the blood cells as well as providing a boost to energy and performance levels. It is suitable for horses who are in training and also those not yet or not currently training regularly. It is important to follow the feeding instructions closely as they will change dependent on your horse’s activity levels.

Each ounce of Red Cell supplements provides your horse with 300mg of iron and a range of B-complex vitamins which help support the immune system. The product does contain selenium which can be dangerous if ingested in high qualities so you must follow the dosage instructions. You should also never feed the supplement to any animal with copper sensitivity.

What does Red Cell Supplement do for your Horse?

This supplement will support the health of your horse’s blood. Normal blood health is essential for oxygen transportation and maintaining good levels of energy. It also helps meet the demands of performance, sports and training. The supplements also help to maintain normal cardiovascular recovery and help to enhance your horse’s overall performance and health. The B-complex vitamins included in the formula provide immune system support. You can choose between liquid gallon and pellet options, whichever is best for your horse and most convenient for you. Vets can also offer syringe format red cell supplements too.

The Importance of Red Blood Cells for Horse Health

Red blood cells are essential for delivering oxygen to all the cells of the body. They also ensure carbon dioxide, along with other waste products. If the body doesn’t remove carbon dioxide, fatigue can set in and impact on your horse’s performance and general health. Red blood cells also contain the protein haemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body. Performance horses in particular need optimal oxygen supply to compete, train and exercise, as well as for their recovery.

Companies Producing Red Cell Horse Supplements

Red Cell supplements are available from a number of companies but largely offer the same benefits and have the same nutritional content. Below is a closer look at a couple of companies who provide red cell supplements for horses.


Farnam produce a range of research-backed products with animal health at the core of everything they produce. The company has a history dating back to 1946 and throughout the decades they have become a recognisable name in horse care. They are proud of their commitment to not only work with professionals in the industry but also to listen to the needs of animal owners and lovers. Their history marks them out as horse people as well as businesspeople. They also argue their supplements set the standard for performance and champion horses.


VetNova also produce red cell horse supplements, primarily for vets. The company launched in 2007 and has a commitment to the health and wellbeing of horses and companion animals. They began in Europe but now export their products across Europe, America and Asia.

Red Cell Supplements for your Horse

Red cell horse supplements are one of the most popular types of blood building supplements on the equine market. Blood builders are designed to help boost the performance of your horse. They can be used to treat horses with anaemia and related conditions, but this should only be under the supervision of a qualified equine vet.

 Red cell supplements look to boost both B-vitamin and iron intake for your horse. This helps to improve the function of their red blood cells, oxygen transportation and overall health. They’re a great way of keeping your horse’s health in check and supporting performance and training in a natural way.

red cell horse supplements

Horses who may be displaying lethargy or fatigue should always be checked out by your vet. However, the addition of a red cell supplement can make a big different to their overall health and boost a lack of nutrients they may be experiencing in their blood. You can find the supplements available in different volumes so you can give it a go before committing to a large investment in the product.

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