SUCCEED Horse Supplements

SUCCEED Horse Supplements

SUCCEED horse supplements are designed for people who are “serious about horses” and with this tagline their supplement products are worth exploring more closely. SUCCEED is a nutritional approach to managing horse health, with a focus on digestive health and keeping your horse’s gut in the best possible condition.

A horse’s digestive system is more complex than we many think so the SUCCEED horse supplement products exist to keep it in check. The nutritional value of their most popular Digestive Conditioning Program helps to support the health of the stomach and hindgut of your horse. A healthy digestive system is crucial for horses from all walks of life from sports to performance to simple pets.

SUCCEED Horse Supplements for Better Horse Health

The sole product on the commercial market from SUCCEED Horse Supplements is their Digestive Conditioning Program. This is designed to help boost and support the digestive system of horses of all ages, from foals to those who are nearing the end of their life. The product is not a drug and shouldn’t be used in place of any treatment suggested or recommended by your vet.

The program works by supporting your horse’s health in a number of ways including:

  1. Boosting and speeding up new cell growth in the gut
  2. Increasing your horse’s general appetite
  3. Supporting the growth of “good bacteria” which help gut health
  4. Removing toxins and minimising “bad bacteria”
  5. Helping the gut to absorb the maximum amount of energy and nutrients from each supplemented feed
  6. Supporting the natural immunity of your horse and his gut
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How does SUCCEED Work?

SUCCEED is a supplementary product which helps to address any hidden digestive imbalances within your horse’s system. It is a natural solution to many health concerns and supports the health of the gut lining, stomach, and general digestive health. It is made from the highest quality ingredients with the manufacturers ensuring the purity and superior quality of everything put into each product.

Ingredients in SUCCEED Horse Supplements

With their commitment to being a “serious product for serious horse people” the SUCCEED formula includes a range of nutrition ingredients. The key ingredients included are:

Oat Oil

A unique extraction process ensures the oat oil in SUCCEED products has a very high level of polar lipids. Polar lipids are a special type of fat molecule which provides a variety of benefits to the whole digestive system.

Oat Flour

Specifically produced from a low-starch, higher-bran content oat, the oat flour used in SUCCEED’s formula has a high concentration of beta glucan. Beta glucan can aid nutrient absorption in the gut and can also help moderate the rate of digestion.


The L-Glutamine in the formula helps to replenish your horse’s natural supply of this important amino acid. Intense exercise and training can result in l-glutamine depletion so horses involved in sports and performance may see their levels drop, so this supplement should help, providing fuel for your horse’s muscles.


L-Threonine is another amino acid useful in the processing of proteins. It helps support the production of mucin which is a key component of the mucus that keeps the horse’s gut lubricated and protected.


Yeast products in SUCCEED horse supplements include mannan oligosaccharide and beta glucan. Both are rich in the nucleotides horses need for good cell development and quick healing after illness or injury.

Are SUCCEED Horse Supplements right for your Horse?

Horses are very rarely able to be turned out to graze on quality pasture at all times. You’d need to be able to rotate pasture regularly and in the performance world and for the average horse owner too, this simply isn’t possible. Some horse owners may be able to provide a perfect grazing environment for their animals but this isn’t always possible and for performance horses a supplement is almost always a good idea. Your horse may also benefit from this supplement if any of the following lifestyles apply:

  • Regular exercise, especially vigorous exercise
  • If you horse spends more than six hours a day in their stall
  • Travelling to shows or events on a monthly basis or more
  • Fed two or three times a day
  • Used as a stallion or brood mare
  • If your horse eats concentrated foods such as pellets or sweet feed
  • Less than 18 hours per day grazing
  • A foal which is finding development, weaning or sales prep challenging

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Products

The SUCCEED formula comes in two main formats suitable for horses at different stages or facing different challenges. You can choose from:

SUCCEED Oral Paste

SUCCEED oral paste is usually a starter option for owners looking to introduce a supplement to their horse’s diet. The contents of one syringe is fed directly into the horse’s mouth before their regular feed. Alternatively squeeze the paste directly onto the horse’s feed. It then acts a top dressing. Many horses start on the oral paste before moving onto the granules.

SUCCEED Granules

Quick and easy, owners can simply add one scoop of SUCCEED granules to the top of their horse’s feed once a day. This provides all the nutritional goodness and extras you need and there is no need to mix or

About Freedom Health

Freedom Health is the company behind SUCCEED supplements. The company is based out of Aurora, Ohio and is committed to creating products which “address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.” The company ensures all their products are properly researched and tested before taking them to market. They use their experience in production and manufacturing to ensure affordable products of exceptional quality.

Choosing SUCCEED Horse Supplements

SUCCEED horse supplements are a nutritious and complementary addition to any horse’s diet. The choice of two different forms of product and their natural immune and gut-boosting formula makes it easy to add this supplement to your horse’s regular feeds.Images so

urced from the SUCCEED Horse Supplements website.

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